In search of the right development stack

In search of the right development stack Alright, I wanted to make the game play my new music, it needed to be adaptive, yadda, yadda... But the original game is not intended to do this. I knew I had to add another layer on top of the Source engine, and I already chose the FMOD game audio engine ( that looked promising, open, and adapted to my need. Now I had to hook it to Source... with no prior C++ knowledge. The Source Engine SDK: the Source of it all Summer 2023 . We all gotta start somewhere, and thinking about the project while reading the Source engine's documentation, all it looked like was that I wanted to make a Half-Life 2 mod. So where do you go? Reading the documentation, learning how to make a mod (, then starting to mess around with the game. I worked on this stack up until spring 2024 , developing one by one my features on top of Source, learning by the way how to code and compile C++, than

The genesis - Why does this project exist?

The genesis - Why does this project exist? The first question one might ask when coming upon this project is "Why?", and I must say that's a question I'm also asking myself when reflecting on it. Turns out there's a couple of answers to this, let me introduce them. An artistic approach Before everything else, this is an artistic project. I've been playing video games since I was around 2 or 3 (I have actual footage to prove it!), and never really stopped since, even though it's been a back-and-forth pastime, time being sometimes available and sometimes not. Starting learning music since I was 8 and still learning since, I got into scoring and music for media at the age of 18, when doing some demos for the videos my best friend and roommate was doing for its cinema studies. It seemed logical for me to, one day, try and create my own video game soundtracks. Now, 10 years later, no such project presented itself, even though I tried creating some games myself